Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Participants must be at least 16 years of age but under 18's must have the written consent of their parent or guardian. 

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
There will be free on-site parking available at the event. The venue is easily accessed via public transport routes including the Jesmond Metro Station just 5 minutes walk from the venue. 

What can I bring into the event?
Each team will be given a designated area for the event, including their rowing machine and a space for the team members to watch/encourage/recover. 

Any bags must be small enough to fit underneath your chair so please keep items to a minimum. 

Further storage and locker space will be available in the changing areas with all belongings (brought onto the RGS site) are stored at the owners risk. 

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
You can contact our administration team on:

Can I change a team member?
If you need to change a team member from your original roster then we will need to be notified via the contact information above. All team members will need to have completed health questionnaires and waivers before the event begins.  

What's the refund policy?
Once a ticket has been purchased we do not offer refunds. 

We’ve never done anything like this, how hard is it?
A reasonable level of fitness in all six team members is advised. To finish under the time cap of 10 hours, the row should be completed with an average pace of 2 minutes and 32.5 seconds per 500m, usually seen on the monitor as 2:32.5 / 500m

If your strategy involves each team member rowing for 5:00, followed by a rest period of 25:00 (each other team member taking their 5:00 work period) then you must be able to maintain that 2:35.5/500m average for that 5:00 period, for 20 total intervals. 

This does not however include changeover time between team mates on the rower. We advise to make transition times as efficient as possible. 

Anything faster that this pace will reduce your total time taken to complete the 118,000m. 

Can team members split up different sections of the race between them?
Absolutely, although we have given an example of how a team may split the race in the text above, it is entirely up to the discretion of the team on how the approach the racing strategy. 

How are teams ranked?
Teams will be ranked on both overall finish time and weight adjusted finish time. 

Will we have access to gear we leave at our car once the race starts?
The car parking area will be accessible for the duration of the event and we encourage participants to take the minimum gear possible onto the event floor to give their team as much room as possible. 

Can we enter a 2-person or 3-person team?
The total rowing time and therefore difficulty of the event increases significantly by not entering a 6 person team. However, we will accept entries below the full 6 person recommended team as long as they understand the risks of endurance exercise events and have completed the liability waivers. 

Who is putting on this race?
Row the Tyne is an event created by Joel Dickinson, Dave Shenton and Jamie Walton to raise money and awareness for local cancer charities. 

Where will net proceeds from this event go?
Net proceeds will go to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

For those of you who don't know, The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation supports internationally significant cancer research and treatment at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care and directly benefits cancer patients from across the North East and Cumbria. More information on their great work can be found here: